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Thursday, November 4

How to rile up guys at the gym.

Boys? shoosh now, this is definitely a girls' talk type of post. 

Come on ladies, let's contemplate together.

Have you ever found yourself bored at the gym? tired of your daily exercise routine? does those squats sequences are driving you insane on a particular day? I have the solution for you my friend!
This is my tip and the story of how I came to find amusement out of a very odd situation.

Today I made a curious discovery at the gym (that I'm sure women and gay men all over the world know by now, but that it was a surprise to me because I never thought such gender clichés could live so perfectly represented among us nowadays, but I digress...). I discovered how to riled up boys, making them immerse themselves into a testosterone induced trance... 

You see, tonight I was tired, oh so very tired at my gym session, so I devised a plan on how to distract my ever loving masochist PT from keep torturing me...

The story goes like this: before initiating a new round of physical torture, I dramatically declared out-loud to my PT extraordinaire  that it was impossible to determine only from plain sight which guy could be stronger than other... You should know that in the near vicinity two other male friends of ours were eavesdropping on the conversation,... I sighed and turned to one of them and said: "see, even though I know all of you are very fit, I couldn't for the life of me determine which one of you is the strongest man here...".... It was all it took... in less than 9.5 secs, all 3 guys were engage in the effort of demonstrating throughout every single weightlifting or power-lifting exercise available which one was the strongest... ME? I was comfortably/blissfully seated cross-legged on a bench nearby, enjoying the testosterone-stamina-adrenaline induced trance they were in! This went on for about 20mim, which was absolutely marvelous! Strange, but marvelous nonetheless.

I profoundly encourage this activity... it will help you relax, it will entertain you - I PROMISE, in more ways than one - and most of all, it will give you that deserved fun brake you need after sweating your brains out.

Obviously PT extraordinaire wasn't very happy after figuring out my master plan, but it was all worth it ;) 

So ladies, get inspired and go riled up some guys at the gym... therefore proving that instigating the fight for the assertion of the alpha male, in any of its forms, as it turns out, is an amusing side hobby you can practice while getting your workout done! 

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