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Wednesday, December 30

Photo of the day #1006

Vancouver at Night (Vancouver in Fog)

Quote of the day #14 (part II)

"If the world were merely seductive, that would be easy. If it were merely challenging, that would be no problem. But I arise in the morning torn between a desire to improve the world and a desire to enjoy the world. This makes it hard to plan the day."
E.B. White

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Quote of the day #14

"...we accept the love we think we deserve."
— Stephen Chbosky (The Perks of Being a Wallflower)

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random iotd #5008

Tuesday, December 29


I may or may not want to kill this asshat of a lawyer...

Best Regards,

Marisol Ferreira.

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Quote of the day #13

Typographic Animation


Monday, December 28

This weather is not helping my mood.

It's terribly windy at the construction site today! Ppprrrr...

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Sunday, December 27

random iotd #5006

Quote of the day #12

Saturday, December 26

Quote of the day #11

Working at Google!


 (via @keepinspiringme)

Christmas marketing always makes me cry!!


random iotd #5005

Friday, December 25

All you need is love

(via @aplusk)

Quote of the day #10

Wednesday, December 23

Poetic Education #11

The Infinite

It was always dear to me, this solitary hill,
and this hedgerow here, that closes out my view,
from so much of the ultimate horizon.
But sitting here, and watching here, in thought,
I create interminable spaces,
greater than human silences, and deepest
quiet, where the heart barely fails to terrify.
When I hear the wind, blowing among these leaves,
I go on to compare that infinite silence
with this voice, and I remember the eternal
and the dead seasons, and the living present,
and its sound, so that in this immensity
my thoughts are drowned, and shipwreck seems sweet
to me in this sea.

Giacomo Leopardi

Tuesday, December 22

Photo of the day #1005

Quote of the day #9

Ask me anything

I've just signed up to ... It is buzzing right now and it is the next cool trend to watch.
Remember when we were in high school and had a notebook with several questions that had to be answer by the friends of the owner? Well... it is kind of the same...  with the exception that at anybody can ask you anything and anonymously... yikes! :) ... Well, you can choose what to answer to, at least.

I think it is proof that Jon Stewart was right all along... "The Internet is just a world passing around notes in a classroom."

Ask me things @

pretentious much?

ah... artists...! (:
Joseph Pelling's film Outside The Box is a hilarious caricature of the creative mind–pompous, pretentious, and always enthused by its own inspiration. Outside The Box was winner of the 2009 Digital Artist Awards animation category.

Monday, December 21

This, was like hot chocolate for my heart

Happy Holidayz from Me, Jason Mraz & The Voices of Prayze. We we wish you a very, Merry Christmas, Peace on Earth in this bright New Decade, and Equality for All. We encourage you to give generously this season and to not let money determine the value of the gift nor the ways of your gifting. Giving thanks to those who've contributed the most to your life is a superb gift. But the best gift yet is to offer or ask for forgiveness wherever you see it needed in your family or community. This is real "presence." That is real love. And may all your dreams come true.
In Joy, Jason Mraz & The Voices of Prayze
 (oh man, I love the video)

Happy Holidayz from Jason Mraz & The Voices of Prayze from Jason Mraz on Vimeo.

Old path

It is cold outside.

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random iotd #5004

F*ck You I won't do what you tell me!!

This weekend 'Killing in the name of' by glorious 90's band Rage Against the Machine made it to the first place in the UK music charts. Winning a position that traditionally, in this time of 'joy' that is Christmas, it has been won by pop musicians. 

It all started with an online/facebook campaign that asked the fans to made 'Killing in the name of' the number one song in the charts for Christmas... and it happened!

Obviously, since this song means so much to my dear friend Guiduxa and me, this is a moment of pure bliss, it feels like redemption to see a song that has been so close to our hearts been pushed back into the limelight...

Yet, it also feels a little bit like a bittersweet victory. Yes I'm happy the song made its way trough a sea of pop music, but I get a little sad thinking that I don't know if it is 'rage against the machine within' or 'rage against the machine giving in'.... I hope it is the first one.

P.S.: Guida, agora quando nos estivermos a curtir a nossa musica, os putos vão saber pq! porque é the coolest! :)

 |The video is a RATM interview for the BBC, 
  see what happens at the end... :) 
 What where you expecting? this is RATM we are talking about!| 

Go read this good article about the reactions to the win: HERE

Sunday, December 20

Don't say there's not Christmas spirit left in the world!

Complete photo article here: SANTA GONE WILD

Photo of the day #1004

Going For A Stroll
Paris' Eiffel Tower gleams through a heavy snowfall.

more photos of the week @ TIME

Thursday, December 17

Is the end of the world as we know it

the loneliest number?

Google confirms 1 is the loneliest number. (via @Sheamus)

sad or empowering?
maybe.... maybe 1 is the magic number...

Photo of the day #1003

A protestor carries placard reading 'there is no planet b' as she joins a rally outside the Danish parliament in the center of Copenhagen, Denmark, Saturday Dec. 12. Large crowds turned out for a demonstration from the city center to the Bella center, the conference venue where the largest and most important U.N. climate change conference is underway aiming to secure an agreement on how to protect the world from calamitous global warming. AP / Anja Niedringhaus