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Tuesday, December 27

Winter scene ..

It was a cold winters day at sundown... she was very tired, the day had been that long. But and yet, after work and tiring lawyers pestering her existence, she still could enjoy the dreamscape before her eyes.
That, she wrote.

Friday, December 16

Analog times.

Hello lovelies! Long time...... I knoooooooowwww..... :)
Remember when I used to say life was crazy, ha! 
Now, it is really really crazy. So there's not much time left for
"leisury" activities. Nonetheless, some weeks ago I went to this Lomo Workshop and I finally got the pictures back, so here are some of them. Absolute proof that I'm somewhat cool enough at the hyperrealism visual of things but not so much at the analog side of photography. I should practice more!
Have wonderful preparations for the holidays.
Talk to ya soon.

Monday, November 28

Pretty in stillness.

quote of the day #78

"And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest
of these is love." 
1 Cor. 13:13

Monday, November 14

A good cry... I mean laugh.

I love the current cast of SNL, I think they are outstanding, even when they can't help but laugh while in the middle of a scene.

Sunday, November 6

Kinda pretty.

Ok ok, so, not my cup of tea, Lisboa, you know, but it looks pretty from here :)


It is a gorgeous autumn day here in the south of Portugal. On vacation so, not sure when I'll be posting, but just wanted to say hello to everyone! This is one of my favorite places ever. Not just this mountain (serra da arrabida) but this particular location. I love this paraglading ramp, it is such a beautiful image.. Doesn't give you a need to fly?

Have a wonderful week everyone!

Wednesday, November 2

Visual Mash Up #2 & #3

Soooo... Time for another mash up! LOVING: Fantastic photography by Ben Heine; Wonderful illustrations by Man-Tsun ; Dance Magic by Richard Calmes ; Bizarre and beautiful pieces by italian artist and stitching illustrator Maurizio Anzeri ; This Insane Kitchen Of The Future Powers Itself With Leftovers | Philips Design Probes ; Lucid Dreams from the Sensory World (installation) ; LOST IN CONFINED SPACE by Raphael Vicenzi/mydeadpony (artist whose work I absolutely adore and that is now following my blog!) ; ’Forever Bicycles’ by Ai Weiwei on exhibit in Taipei ; The Royal Tenenbaums characters by Ruben Ireland ; full spectrum color | Matt W. Moore ; “She Who Flies With Cranes” by Melissa Forman ; Lovely illustrations by Nanda Correa ; Beautiful paintings by YDK Morimoe The Defragmention Of Beauty by Tomek Sadurski ; Your rainbow panorama (installation/permanent artwork) by Olafur Eliasson ; “Día de Muertos“ | by Quique Ollervides ; GreenPix Energy Media Wall, Beijing by SIMONE GIOSTRA & PARTNERS.

That last one responsible for given me my follower number 12.000 and taking me close to 13.000 followers :)

Sunday, October 23

Saturday, October 22

random iotd #5095

I Have a Dream | by Norman Duenas

Thursday, October 20


Flutter from Cinimod Studio

"‘Flutter’ is a new interactive artwork by Dominic Harris of Cinimod Studio that explores the viewer’s encounter with a rabble of virtual butterflies. Set within a striking architectural framework and making use of cutting edge technologies, the artwork is a product of an on-going fascination with the motion of a butterfly’s flight and the iridescent reflections and scattering of light by the scales on a butterfly’s wing."

random iotd #5094

Nerdy Love » Nicole Martinez

Wednesday, October 12

Visual Mash Up #1

** Loving: Paintings by Simon Birch, the design of Roger's Penthouse in London, illustration by Alex Perez, street art by r333, Sketches by =Yuhon, illustrations by Jason Dean, sound installation "From here to ear", illustrations by Anwar Rafiee, Sleek environmental installation by 24° studio, photography by Stephen Beadles. |

So, as the weeks passes us by, I see myself laking the time to update, I'm thinking I'll be doing this, Mash Up thingy, on this blog regally. Just a simple pin pointing of things I liked in a specific period of time. I'll do it whenever I can, since real life is kicking "arse" and all my time is been directed into prep of papers and/or box relocating. Well, not all the time, followers still count in the other blog, and +5000 of them deserve some attention ;)

I think that's all for now. Enjoy the "mash up". Love, M.

Friday, October 7

quote of the day #77

"Love makes you do crazy things, insane things, things in a million years you wouldn't see yourself doing, but there you are doing them." - Wicker Park

Thursday, October 6

"Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish."

Steve Jobs 1955-2011.

Tuesday, October 4

Random iotd #5095

Yes, yes. There's definitely something about Zombie boy... 
(Editorial for Schön Magazine.)

It is always darkest...

Monday, October 3

 "Destiny is usually just around the corner. Like a thief, a hooker, or a lottery vendor: its three most common personifications. But what destiny does not do is home visits. You have to go for it."
|| Carlos Ruiz Zafón in The Swadow of the wind
* Photography by the absolutely wonderful Hedi Slimane. 

Friday, September 30

quote of the day #76

"The mind is its own place and in itself
can make a heav'n of hell, a hell of heav'n."
Satan to Beelzebub, Line 254
Paradise Lost—John Milton

Wednesday, September 28

Creative people...

Monday, September 26

of charges...

Any two charged objects will create a force on each other. The greater the charges, the greater the force.

~Coulomb's Law

Saturday, September 24

There's something about Zombie boy/Skull boy...

Rick Genest by Mariano Vivanco

Random iotd #5094

xkcd: Neutrinos

Relatively speaking.

(via 14-billion-years-later)
Speed of light may have been broken
Okay guys, this one is hot off the press. I’ve only found two sources for this (here and here) that have been posted in the last hour. I have to say that I immediately doubt the validity of this, but I feel I should bring it to your attention anyway.

Reports from our good friends at CERN say that they’ve observed particles traveling at faster than light speeds. For those of you who know a bit about relativity, this ain’t all that cool. The speed of light is basically meant to be the fastest speed there is, and if this wasn’t the case then we may have a major breakdown of Einstein’s theory of relativity.

The scientists at CERN have concluded this based off results in which a beam of neutrinos fired from a particle accelerator in Geneva traveled 434 miles 60 nanoseconds faster than it should have. This may not sound like much, but the error was calculated at 10 nanoseconds and the scientists themselves seem fairly adamant in their results.
If this is true, well, congratulations, we are on the verge of a tremendous (almost unavailable) new scientific development, one that will undoubtedly change our perception of the universe... in the other hand... well, I love "Albie" and even though he never got to achieve the establishment of a unified field theory, he still is "THE" physicist of all time. if proven true, that something (neutrinos) can move faster than the speed of light, well, bye-bye to the unquestionability of the Theory of Relativity.. and that just feels wrong. Maybe they can try a scientific mash up, and come up with a reinterpretation of the concepts already established.. OR maybe we'll be finally able to travel in time :)

Saturday, September 17

random iotd #5093



Friday, September 16

Alter-ego's grin

Fellow Designers 

I know is silly, very silly... there are over 4000 followers now.... muahahaha

Wednesday, September 14

random iotd #5092

The Attic

by Eric Zelinski

alter-ego's giggle

So... today was a big day for my alter-ego "marysoul" :) Don't worry, I'm not crazy*... well... not any more than you already know! You see, I have another blog on tumblr, one that is all about art, illustration, photography, design and architecture. No personal musings, no blah blah blah... 99.9% of artsy pics and ideas. Not mine, mind you, just a "convoluted bunch" of artsy images from artists and creators from all around the world. It is quite an interesting hobby. Since twitter was too intense b/c of the posting schedule responsibilities (love you still guys!), this other system, tumblr, it is easier to manage and has become a great source of artistic knowledge to me. 
Well, the thing is today I was featured by the main site, the home to all blogs tumblr and I gained 1500 new followers in less than 6 hours! So now I have over 3000 followers (and counting) and that, my friends, is very nice. 
Of course I had a whole bunch of followers on twitter as well, at the time. But this is a completely different scenario. I'm followed on the Yerbabuena's blog b/c of my views on arts, my choices picking one creation over another and that is absolutely, completely fantastic! And because of it I'm able to talk with artists, designers and architects from all around the world, learning from their professional and personal experiences. Resuming, It is kinda of cathartic since I never got to finish an art-related career. It may as well be as they say, those can't do, teach... in this case, those can't create, critique :) 
So yeah, this was absolutely self indulging but.. I just had to say it!
(Thank you to the people at tumblr whom featured me on the Tumblr Radar and to Andrew Banneckere, whose work - unbeknownst to him - got me featured in the first place) 

* "my mother had me tested" :)

Monday, September 12

when there's no where-else to go, just look back

Is it just me or the visual trend is staring to look a lot like a rehearsal of the late 80's movies of John Hughes with a twist of Say Anything?

random iotd #5091

(designersofONLY LOVE CAN DO THAT. Here’s my tribute to all who were lost, ten years ago today, on a day that changed all our lives…

Wednesday, September 7

Another type of "Sutra"

I'm loving Trendlands' article on Lana Sutra by Erik Ravelo for Benetton. Loving the colors, the artistically handmade effort and of course, the end result. Oh so often, the artsy world try to come up with original, creative ways to interpret the Kamasutra, thus far, in my opinion this is one of the most clever ones.

Tuesday, September 6

quote of the day #75

“Passion, it lies in all of us, sleeping... waiting... and though unwanted... unbidden... it will stir... open its jaws and howl. It speaks to us... guides us... passion rules us all, and we obey. What other choice do we have? Passion is the source of our finest moments. The joy of love... the clarity of hatred... and the ecstasy of grief. It hurts sometimes more than we can bear. If we could live without passion maybe we'd know some kind of peace... but we would be hollow... Empty rooms shuttered and dank. Without passion we'd be truly dead.”
—Joss Whedon

Monday, September 5

random iotd #5090

Loving Elena Nogués Perales's illustrations

Tuesday, August 30

to ponder.

John Karavas photographs the water in New York City, New York, Sunday, August 28, 2011 after Hurricane Irene swept through the area. Carolyn Cole / Los Angeles Times (Read more)

First of all, thank god the storm wasn't quite as colossal as everybody feared it to be and that my people are all safe and sound.

Now to why this pic spoke to me. You see, often I think about this, whenever I have a camera in hand... sometimes the compulsion to take just one more photo or "the photo" for that matter is so strong, we (or I) forget where we are and suddenly everything is less important than that "perfect shot".

In my case, I often think if a should be appreciating more the moment than the process of taking a photo... sometimes I even have to make myself stop taking them and just enjoy the moment.

In the case of the guy in this photo, I'm thinking : Shouldn't you be somewhere else? The water level seems to be rising around your feet...

Monday, August 29

quote of the day #74

Since the weather is a bit nippy outside tonight and I was watching Sleepless in Seattle, this seamed fitting.

Winter must be cold for those with no warm memories... 
we've already missed the spring!  
- in An Affair to Remember

Sunday, August 28

poetic Education #30

If I Had My Life To Live Over

by the late Erma Bombeck

If I had my life to live over, I would have talked less and listened more.

I would have invited friends over to dinner even if the carpet was stained and the sofa faded.

I would have eaten the popcorn in the 'good' living room and worried much less about the dirt when someone wanted to light a fire in the fireplace.

I would have taken the time to listen to my grandfather ramble about his youth.

I would never have insisted the car windows be rolled up on a summer day because my hair had just been teased and sprayed.

I would have burned the pink candle sculpted like a rose before it melted in storage.

I would have sat on the lawn with my children and not worried about grass stains.

I would have cried and laughed less while watching television - and more while watching life.

I would have shared more of the responsibility carried by my husband.

I would have gone to bed when I was sick instead of pretending the earth would go into a holding pattern if I weren't there for the day.

I would never have bought anything just because it was practical, wouldn't show soil or was guaranteed to last a lifetime.

Instead of wishing away nine months of pregnancy, I'd have cherished every moment and realized that the wonderment growing inside me was the only chance in life to assist God in a miracle.

When my kids kissed me impetuously, I would never have said, "Later. Now go get washed up for dinner."

There would have been more "I love you's".. More "I'm sorrys" ...

But mostly, given another shot at life, I would seize every minute... look at it and really see it ... live it...and never give it back.

random iotd #5089

Time of Your Life

by Matthew Kavan Brooks

Wednesday, August 24

Poetic Education #29

"Viens, Mallika, les lianes en fleurs ... Dôme épais, le jasmin" 


Flower Duet

"Sous le dôme épais" from Lakmé by Léo Delibes in 1883. 

Sous le dôme épais
Où le blanc jasmin
À la rose s’assemble
Sur la rive en fleurs,
Riant au matin
Viens, descendons ensemble.
Doucement glissons de son flot charmant
Suivons le courant fuyant
Dans l’onde frémissante
D’une main nonchalante
Viens, gagnons le bord,
Où la source dort et
L’oiseau, l’oiseau chante.

Sous le dôme épais
Où le blanc jasmin,
Ah! descendons

Sous le dôme épais
Où le blanc jasmin
À la rose s’assemble
Sur la rive en fleurs,
Riant au matin
Viens, descendons ensemble.

Doucement glissons de son flot charmant
Suivons le courant fuyant
Dans l’onde frémissante
D’une main nonchalante
Viens, gagnons le bord,
Où la source dort et
L’oiseau, l’oiseau chante.

Sous le dôme épais
Où le blanc jasmin,
Ah! descendons


Flower Duet (English)

Under the thick dome where the white jasmine
With the roses entwined together
On the river bank covered with flowers laughing in the morning
Let us descend together!
Gently floating on its charming risings,
On the river’s current
On the shining waves,
One hand reaches,
Reaches for the bank,
Where the spring sleeps,
And the bird, the bird sings.

Under the thick dome where the white jasmine
Ah! calling us

Under the thick dome where white jasmine
With the roses entwined together
On the river bank covered with flowers laughing in the morning
Let us descend together!

Gently floating on its charming risings,
On the river’s current
On the shining waves,
One hand reaches,
Reaches for the bank,
Where the spring sleeps,
And the bird, the bird sings.

Under the thick dome where the white jasmine
Ah! calling us

Tuesday, August 23

quote of the day #73

"...the Masochist says to the Sadist, 'Hurt me'? 
The Sadist smiles and says, 'No.'"

Sunday, August 21

By the river up high.

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Saturday, August 20

A storm is brewing on the west.

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As I was saying...

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Gray but still pretty the Sado is, hum hum. ;)

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Friday, August 19

quote of the day #72

Sometimes, the simpler the better.

"Have faith in your dreams, and someday
Your rainbow will come smiling through
No matter how your heart is grieving,
If you keep on believing
The dream that you wish will come true."

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes from the original Disney movie Cinderella.

Monday, August 15

random iotd #5088

STELLAR photographic project by Ignacio Torres

quote of the day #71

It’s a wonder that humankind has constructed any kind of civilization with this 
monumental distraction at hand.
[while in bed, after having sexNick Twisp/Francois Dillinger

Sunday, August 14

Again and again and again...

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Saturday, August 13

Going south...

What a mild summer this is!

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Friday, August 12

I dare you to see this & not smile.

They did not did this when I was there. For shame! :) 

Monday, August 8

quote of the day #70

“I am so clever
 that sometimes I don't understand a single word of what I am saying.”

  —Oscar Wilde 

random iotd #5087

James Brown was occasionally a wise man.

by Julie Mack Boyce

Sunday, August 7

Swallowable Parfum.

You know me right? You know how I love to pamper myself with luxurious scents, right? As for long as I can remember I've been controlled by scents, they entice me and evoke of me the most different memories. Certain smells will report me to very specific times. I remember the smell of my childhood home, and the smell of the town were I grew up after it rained there, I remember the exact smell of my first boyfriend and the orange scented air in Positano... So scents are as important to me as colors or forms. Therefore, imagine my absolute delight when I found out that body architect Lucy McRae teamed up with acclaimed Harvard biologist Sheref Mansy to create a Swallowable Parfum. In my humble opinion a piece of art, a wonderful censorial experience. A capsule that after consumed will combine its content with that of your bodies' scent in order to generate an unique perfume that will be recognizable not only by the particular way you smell but in the way it will come out of your body, while excited or aroused, in beautiful golden drops surfacing your skin. Sometimes you just have to love science!

Monday, August 1

a Glimpse of.

Ok, so this is not the best video ever, and they are really hard to find at this point yet, but, here it goes, a small glimpse... almost 60000 people, hands in the air, jumping and singing as one, Livin' on a Prayer has to be one of the best moments ever.

Sunday, July 31

One more thing and I'm off to totally enjoy this.

Still wanna have his babies! Muahahahah!
This is better than a lifting, I'm feeling 16 again! ;)

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Summer festival spirit!

There's really nothing like it!

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not so random IOTD.

Jon Bon Jovi Photo by Simon Fowler | via simonfowlersarchive

Monday, July 25

homeward bounded

Maybe someday I'll be finally homeward bounded as Mr. Melville* proposed, once the goings and comings end, and a different future arises. Not now, of course, I have yet to fly again. But someday my home-like-haven will look just like this, white and full of light. 

"The people at Alvhem Brokerage & Interior are a group of design enthusiasts “specializing in the brokering of turn of the century houses in the districts of Linnaeus and Vasastan.” Their raison d’ȇtre is satisfying the needs of their customer to a tee, sparing no resources in realizing his or her dream house and promising full dedication. It’s a tall order, that level of hands-on commitment “in today’s housing market,” as they’ll be the first to admit, but their results speak for themselves. Here is a Scandinavian duplex brokered by Alvhem, fitted with everything one might need in the way of comfortable living, as well as poshly dotted with modern artwork."

*"Life's a voyage that's homeward bound." - Herman Melville

Sunday, July 24

poetic Education #28

I Sing the Body Electric ||  

in Leaves of Grass by Walt Whitman (1819–1892).


The love of the body of man or woman balks account, the body itself balks account,
That of the male is perfect, and that of the female is perfect.

The expression of the face balks account,
But the expression of a well-made man appears not only in his face,
It is in his limbs and joints also, it is curiously in the joints of his hips and wrists,
It is in his walk, the carriage of his neck, the flex of his waist and knees, dress does not hide him,
The strong sweet quality he has strikes through the cotton and broadcloth,
To see him pass conveys as much as the best poem, perhaps more,
You linger to see his back, and the back of his neck and shoulder-side.

The sprawl and fulness of babes, the bosoms and heads of women, the folds of their dress, their style as we pass in the street, the contour of their shape downwards,
The swimmer naked in the swimming-bath, seen as he swims through the transparent green-shine, or lies with his face up and rolls silently to and fro in the heave of the water,
The bending forward and backward of rowers in row-boats, the horseman in his saddle,
Girls, mothers, house-keepers, in all their performances,
The group of laborers seated at noon-time with their open dinner-kettles, and their wives waiting,
The female soothing a child, the farmer’s daughter in the garden or cow-yard,
The young fellow hoeing corn, the sleigh-driver driving his six horses through the crowd,
The wrestle of wrestlers, two apprentice-boys, quite grown, lusty, good-natured, native-born, out on the vacant lot at sun-down after work,
The coats and caps thrown down, the embrace of love and resistance,
The upper-hold and under-hold, the hair rumpled over and blinding the eyes;
The march of firemen in their own costumes, the play of masculine muscle through clean-setting trowsers and waist-straps,
The slow return from the fire, the pause when the bell strikes suddenly again, and the listening on the alert,
The natural, perfect, varied attitudes, the bent head, the curv’d neck and the counting;
Such-like I love—I loosen myself, pass freely, am at the mother’s breast with the little child,
Swim with the swimmers, wrestle with wrestlers, march in line with the firemen, and pause, listen, count.

I knew a man, a common farmer, the father of five sons,
And in them the fathers of sons, and in them the fathers of sons.

This man was of wonderful vigor, calmness, beauty of person,
The shape of his head, the pale yellow and white of his hair and beard, the immeasurable meaning of his black eyes, the richness and breadth of his manners,
These I used to go and visit him to see, he was wise also,
He was six feet tall, he was over eighty years old, his sons were massive, clean, bearded, tan-faced, handsome,
They and his daughters loved him, all who saw him loved him,
They did not love him by allowance, they loved him with personal love,
He drank water only, the blood show’d like scarlet through the clear-brown skin of his face,
He was a frequent gunner and fisher, he sail’d his boat himself, he had a fine one presented to him by a ship-joiner, he had fowling-pieces presented to him by men that loved him,
When he went with his five sons and many grand-sons to hunt or fish, you would pick him out as the most beautiful and vigorous of the gang,
You would wish long and long to be with him, you would wish to sit by him in the boat that you and he might touch each other.

I have perceiv’d that to be with those I like is enough,
To stop in company with the rest at evening is enough,
To be surrounded by beautiful, curious, breathing, laughing flesh is enough,
To pass among them or touch any one, or rest my arm ever so lightly round his or her neck for a moment, what is this then?
I do not ask any more delight, I swim in it as in a sea.

There is something in staying close to men and women and looking on them, and in the contact and odor of them, that pleases the soul well,
All things please the soul, but these please the soul well.

This is the female form,
A divine nimbus exhales from it from head to foot,
It attracts with fierce undeniable attraction,
I am drawn by its breath as if I were no more than a helpless vapor, all falls aside but myself and it,
Books, art, religion, time, the visible and solid earth, and what was expected of heaven or fear’d of hell, are now consumed,
Mad filaments, ungovernable shoots play out of it, the response likewise ungovernable,
Hair, bosom, hips, bend of legs, negligent falling hands all diffused, mine too diffused,
Ebb stung by the flow and flow stung by the ebb, love-flesh swelling and deliciously aching,
Limitless limpid jets of love hot and enormous, quivering jelly of love, white-blow and delirious juice,
Bridegroom night of love working surely and softly into the prostrate dawn,
Undulating into the willing and yielding day,
Lost in the cleave of the clasping and sweet-flesh’d day.

This the nucleus—after the child is born of woman, man is born of woman,
This the bath of birth, this the merge of small and large, and the outlet again.

Be not ashamed women, your privilege encloses the rest, and is the exit of the rest,
You are the gates of the body, and you are the gates of the soul.

The female contains all qualities and tempers them,
She is in her place and moves with perfect balance,
She is all things duly veil’d, she is both passive and active,
She is to conceive daughters as well as sons, and sons as well as daughters.

As I see my soul reflected in Nature,
As I see through a mist, One with inexpressible completeness, sanity, beauty,
See the bent head and arms folded over the breast, the Female I see.

The male is not less the soul nor more, he too is in his place,
He too is all qualities, he is action and power,
The flush of the known universe is in him,
Scorn becomes him well, and appetite and defiance become him well,
The wildest largest passions, bliss that is utmost, sorrow that is utmost become him well, pride is for him,
The full-spread pride of man is calming and excellent to the soul,
Knowledge becomes him, he likes it always, he brings every thing to the test of himself,
Whatever the survey, whatever the sea and the sail he strikes soundings at last only here,
(Where else does he strike soundings except here?)

The man’s body is sacred and the woman’s body is sacred,
No matter who it is, it is sacred—is it the meanest one in the laborers’ gang?
Is it one of the dull-faced immigrants just landed on the wharf?
Each belongs here or anywhere just as much as the well-off, just as much as you,
Each has his or her place in the procession.

(All is a procession,
The universe is a procession with measured and perfect motion.)

Do you know so much yourself that you call the meanest ignorant?
Do you suppose you have a right to a good sight, and he or she has no right to a sight?
Do you think matter has cohered together from its diffuse float, and the soil is on the surface, and water runs and vegetation sprouts,
For you only, and not for him and her?


"I celebrate myself, and what I assume, you shall assume, for every atom belonging to me as good belongs to you"