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Tuesday, May 10

Announcements & Stuff..

Hopefully, when this post gets online I'll already be on Catalonian lands :)
So, before I go turn another year myself, I have to leave A HUGE HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my dear friend Cris who's today turning the 3-0 mark.. YAY.. or not. :)
Just remember, 10 years ago I was stressing you out so much for a birthday cake that you thought (I know) you'll not be able to put up with me, not even for one more year.. and here we are, you are still putting up with me and loving it ;) 
I'll get back to the people that has been leaving asks, as soon as I return from my trip.
As life continues to get busier, and time to post new things has been lacking, here I leave for you (again), a list of blogs you may want to check out for cool stuff :)
See ya soon people,
keep safe,

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