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Thursday, June 23


Hello! Even tough this sunset was yesterday's, I didn't had the time to share it before. Nonetheless here it is now, in a way of wishing you a very happy St. John's eve, since the Latin world will be celebrating it quite "a bit" tonight ;) I'm on my way to Geneva now, since a couple friend of mine will be marring tomorrow! If my people keep choosing to marry everywhere but near by, I'll not have to worry about travel plans ever again! ;) I wonder if some of them would like to marry, I don't know, in the Bahamas? In New Zealand? I'll start to suggest these sites to them! :)Anyway, see ya all soon!
Peace, M.

Ps: marteladas e majericos!
Feliz Sao Joao, Bon Sant Joan, Feliz San Juan!
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