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Wednesday, October 12

Visual Mash Up #1

** Loving: Paintings by Simon Birch, the design of Roger's Penthouse in London, illustration by Alex Perez, street art by r333, Sketches by =Yuhon, illustrations by Jason Dean, sound installation "From here to ear", illustrations by Anwar Rafiee, Sleek environmental installation by 24° studio, photography by Stephen Beadles. |

So, as the weeks passes us by, I see myself laking the time to update, I'm thinking I'll be doing this, Mash Up thingy, on this blog regally. Just a simple pin pointing of things I liked in a specific period of time. I'll do it whenever I can, since real life is kicking "arse" and all my time is been directed into prep of papers and/or box relocating. Well, not all the time, followers still count in the other blog, and +5000 of them deserve some attention ;)

I think that's all for now. Enjoy the "mash up". Love, M.

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