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Monday, April 20

sometimes we forget.

I'm terribly sorry for the emotional tone to this post but I'm currently working on some inner readjustment... therefore I'm trying to remember good things I used to like about myself when I was younger... one of those things is how idealistic I used to be and that is one thing I would like very much to rescue without empowering naiveness... so I'm trying some balance... let's start with some silly warm little words. I'll be posting some good poetry too... sorry, but suck it up! :)

If you, get out in the driving rain, stand in the eye of a hurricane, and never think twice
If you, turn your back on selfishness, and your thoughts are for someone else, cause they’ve changed your life

When your heart, insists that you give it all, when you no longer feel the fall, and you just let go
When the past, is finally dead and gone, Fate leads you somewhere to the one, that has your soul

No part of you questions, no part of you doubts, you’re sure that this is what love’s all about
Nothing and no one can stand in your way, or keep you from saying what your heart is dying to say

That’s how you know its love, that’s how you know it’s meant to be
When the span of forever just never seems long enough
That’s how you know it’s love
~Deana Carter, “That’s How You Know It’s Love”

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