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Friday, March 25

All those who wonder are in lust.

It has been almost a year since I first came across images from this hotel, and I'm still in love with the creative and originality of it. I mean, in a place - Singapore - were sleek and post-modern is all designers can think about, in the middle of it all, you'll find this old school, fake vintage with a design twist, retro, and almost Kitsch wonderful hotel.

"the word 'wanderlust' stands for a strong desire or impulse to travel far away and explore different places.
hotel wanderlust, the newest development from boutique hotelier loh lik peng is set to draw madcap, curious voyagers 
into the old ethnic enclave. made for guests with a sense of adventure, it invites visitors to walk the unconventional path
where a radical hotel experience awaits.

wanderlust is located in an old settlement where indian immigrants once reared cattle and livestock. 
the structure, whose history began in the 1920s as the hong wen school, still retains its original facade that gives the hotel
a sense of old-world charm.  situated 10 minutes from the cosmopolitan stretches of orchard road and the central business district,
wanderlust also offers door step access to a bustling, colorful street life.

commenting on the location, loh ilk peng says 'I choose little india as it is such and interesting and original area and has not garnered nearly 
the attention it deserves. there are hardly any nice hotels or restaurants in the area and it is mostly overlooked by visitors to singapore.
in fact many singaporeans also do not know little india well. I want to give them a really good reason to rediscover this little gem of 
an enclave!'"

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