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Saturday, March 12

On the matter of beliefs.

I feel compelled to address some things I feel very strongly about.
First. I hope, that no matter were you are in this world you are as safe as possible and strong enough to get trough whatever it may be darkening your days.  
Second. I’ve seen a lot of people getting offended or trashing on images urging to pray this last couple of days. Well… In my opinion -taking into consideration all the problems we, mankind, are confronting right now- disagreeing over how people express themselves spiritually, is just ridiculous. There’s no harm on wishing well and peace, no matter what form those thoughts may take. Fanatism it is what is wrong about beliefs, any kind of beliefs.   
Third. On the matter of posting pretty things while the world is full with dreadful news. Well, I choose to post things that inspire me to believe that better days will come. I see enough sadness daily. Nonetheless I do not criticize those who chose to focus on different topics. As they say, live and let live.
Take care.
Peace, M.

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