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Sunday, April 17


First of, I'm not assuming here neither a pro or a con stance on this argument, I reserve my personal opinion. Nonetheless, what I do support fervently is the need of congruency and logical discerning. Second of all, I'm a huge fan of Jon Stewart, which is why I can not help myself and I had to post this:
A chat between Jon Stewart and the Republican presidential candidate, supercomputer Raygun OS 9-11.
STEWART: I assume you're pro-life, right? 
RAYGUN: Affirmative. 
STEWART: All right. Obama's parents were married in Hawaii on February 2, 1961. 
RAYGUN: Fine. They were married in Hawaii. But that doesn't mean he was born in the United States. 
STEWART: No, but he was born August 4, 1961, to be exact -- meaning his mother was three months pregnant when she got married in Hawaii. 
STEWART: Obama was in the United States as a fetus. 
RAYGUN: Irrelevant! 
STEWART: Don't you see? Either Barack Obama's an American citizen or fetuses don't count as people. Are you saying that a fetus is not a human life? 
RAYGUN: No! Life begins at conception! 
STEWART: So Obama's an American citizen? 
STEWART: I'm afraid logically, you've gotta choose one. 
RAYGUN: No! No! Illogical! Does not compute!!!

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