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Monday, April 11

Seriously Silly.

In order to fully comprehend the silliness of this song, you have to know that it is a parody, and that all singers involved but Akon are actors from the cast of Saturday Night Live. 
So, the SNL guys do this stunt regularly on the show, but it takes amazing proportions when you put them on a stage, live and singing it as seriously as if they were singing their national anthem in a r&b-techno style.
What I adore the most about these videos, are the seriousness with which they sing about the most ludicrous topics... and furthermost they slap us in the face with the knowledge that nowadays you don't need that much to create a successful catchy song, even if the lyrics mean nothing at all, because the masses will eat up almost anything as long as it is easy on the ears. The formula is basic and is all over the mass media... take a sweet melody, add a singer who doesn't need to be that skillful and then mix it up with intervals of a rapper doing his thing, et voilá! There you have it, music for the masses! 
(Don't get me wrong, I have my own guilty pleasures, but things like the song "Friday" SHOULD HAVE NEVER HAPPENED.. and I curse the people who let this be possible. Seriously. I'm scared of the type of culture my children will have to deal with in the future.)
But, whatever, enjoy the video, its intent is to make you laugh and I think it is successful at it.

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