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Sunday, August 7

Swallowable Parfum.

You know me right? You know how I love to pamper myself with luxurious scents, right? As for long as I can remember I've been controlled by scents, they entice me and evoke of me the most different memories. Certain smells will report me to very specific times. I remember the smell of my childhood home, and the smell of the town were I grew up after it rained there, I remember the exact smell of my first boyfriend and the orange scented air in Positano... So scents are as important to me as colors or forms. Therefore, imagine my absolute delight when I found out that body architect Lucy McRae teamed up with acclaimed Harvard biologist Sheref Mansy to create a Swallowable Parfum. In my humble opinion a piece of art, a wonderful censorial experience. A capsule that after consumed will combine its content with that of your bodies' scent in order to generate an unique perfume that will be recognizable not only by the particular way you smell but in the way it will come out of your body, while excited or aroused, in beautiful golden drops surfacing your skin. Sometimes you just have to love science!

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