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Tuesday, August 30

to ponder.

John Karavas photographs the water in New York City, New York, Sunday, August 28, 2011 after Hurricane Irene swept through the area. Carolyn Cole / Los Angeles Times (Read more)

First of all, thank god the storm wasn't quite as colossal as everybody feared it to be and that my people are all safe and sound.

Now to why this pic spoke to me. You see, often I think about this, whenever I have a camera in hand... sometimes the compulsion to take just one more photo or "the photo" for that matter is so strong, we (or I) forget where we are and suddenly everything is less important than that "perfect shot".

In my case, I often think if a should be appreciating more the moment than the process of taking a photo... sometimes I even have to make myself stop taking them and just enjoy the moment.

In the case of the guy in this photo, I'm thinking : Shouldn't you be somewhere else? The water level seems to be rising around your feet...

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