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Wednesday, September 14

alter-ego's giggle

So... today was a big day for my alter-ego "marysoul" :) Don't worry, I'm not crazy*... well... not any more than you already know! You see, I have another blog on tumblr, one that is all about art, illustration, photography, design and architecture. No personal musings, no blah blah blah... 99.9% of artsy pics and ideas. Not mine, mind you, just a "convoluted bunch" of artsy images from artists and creators from all around the world. It is quite an interesting hobby. Since twitter was too intense b/c of the posting schedule responsibilities (love you still guys!), this other system, tumblr, it is easier to manage and has become a great source of artistic knowledge to me. 
Well, the thing is today I was featured by the main site, the home to all blogs tumblr and I gained 1500 new followers in less than 6 hours! So now I have over 3000 followers (and counting) and that, my friends, is very nice. 
Of course I had a whole bunch of followers on twitter as well, at the time. But this is a completely different scenario. I'm followed on the Yerbabuena's blog b/c of my views on arts, my choices picking one creation over another and that is absolutely, completely fantastic! And because of it I'm able to talk with artists, designers and architects from all around the world, learning from their professional and personal experiences. Resuming, It is kinda of cathartic since I never got to finish an art-related career. It may as well be as they say, those can't do, teach... in this case, those can't create, critique :) 
So yeah, this was absolutely self indulging but.. I just had to say it!
(Thank you to the people at tumblr whom featured me on the Tumblr Radar and to Andrew Banneckere, whose work - unbeknownst to him - got me featured in the first place) 

* "my mother had me tested" :)

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