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Saturday, September 24

Relatively speaking.

(via 14-billion-years-later)
Speed of light may have been broken
Okay guys, this one is hot off the press. I’ve only found two sources for this (here and here) that have been posted in the last hour. I have to say that I immediately doubt the validity of this, but I feel I should bring it to your attention anyway.

Reports from our good friends at CERN say that they’ve observed particles traveling at faster than light speeds. For those of you who know a bit about relativity, this ain’t all that cool. The speed of light is basically meant to be the fastest speed there is, and if this wasn’t the case then we may have a major breakdown of Einstein’s theory of relativity.

The scientists at CERN have concluded this based off results in which a beam of neutrinos fired from a particle accelerator in Geneva traveled 434 miles 60 nanoseconds faster than it should have. This may not sound like much, but the error was calculated at 10 nanoseconds and the scientists themselves seem fairly adamant in their results.
If this is true, well, congratulations, we are on the verge of a tremendous (almost unavailable) new scientific development, one that will undoubtedly change our perception of the universe... in the other hand... well, I love "Albie" and even though he never got to achieve the establishment of a unified field theory, he still is "THE" physicist of all time. if proven true, that something (neutrinos) can move faster than the speed of light, well, bye-bye to the unquestionability of the Theory of Relativity.. and that just feels wrong. Maybe they can try a scientific mash up, and come up with a reinterpretation of the concepts already established.. OR maybe we'll be finally able to travel in time :)

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