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Tuesday, November 24

The day reviewed.

Today has been a very long day and yet it's not even seven o'clock in the afternoon.

I left early this morning for a meeting with a lawyer that believes his head is bigger than the whole wide universe, which frankly almost make me slapped the living hell out of him... yet, the lady I'm, stayed calm, mostly, and survived.

THEN, after 4 coffees and no substance whatsoever, the always sweet Guiduxa shared with me a fine late lunch at the beach. It was sunny and it was beautiful. (Sorry about the photos, they are the best I can do at the moment since my beloved camera is practically dead.. *fans herself dramatically* ... oh, I can not talk about it, I feel sad... I'm a little faklempt..)

THEN I went on a little tiny bit of retail therapy and went to work afterwards... before arriving home again to catch the sunset. I missed winter sunsets....


Oh, but you want to know what the best part was? A person - which I prefer not to mention because I don't want people to go and virtually molest him - from design tavern shared with me a Google Wave invitation, which if you don't know it yet are as valuable as gold right now!

It makes me happy when people are unexpectedly kind.

It has been a good day after all... so I can forget the lawward I had to endure this morning, or how cold it was at 7am, or the people that drives like crazy on the streets....

I'll leave you now with some eye candy... not of that kind, you pervs! :)

(via design tavern, creativereview... this alluring 2-minute film that promotes Athens)

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