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Friday, November 6

Leyes democráticas

POR FAVOR, LEAN: (Ley Prohíbe la Venta de Vídeo Juegos "Violentos" en VENEZUELA)

"This law makes selling video games to anybody actually worse than giving real guns or cigarettes to a minor, or even forcing him or her to work, as you get less jail time and lower fines if you do any of those things. I have to be protected from them, so I don't go into a killing spree. (If I were so impressionable, I would not be writing this, I would have swallowed completely the huge amount of propaganda they feed to us). Our Parliament, instead of addressing our real needs, behaves like the bunch of escapist, authoritarian demagogues they are, imposing their decrees on us, because they are know they are right, and those of us who dissent, surely are rich elitist bastards who hate the poor, traitors who hate Venezuela and work for sinister, evil and shady foreign powers (If you follow American politics, this attitude should ring some alarms to you).

Surely a government that calls itself Socialist would have corrected a gross mistake by previous administrations: our marginal tax rate for the richest citizens is 34%, which is less than what the American marginal tax rate was when Bush gave tax cuts to Donald Trump and Warren Buffet. One would think that after ten years of Socialist government focused on the poor and against the evil rich, the fiercely egalitarian Venezuelan MPs would have found the time to increase the taxes of the hated rich to the same level of such boring, bland, flavorless, countries as Finland, New Zealand, Sweden or Canada. Instead, they have been too busy forbidding video games, porn (2 to 6 years in jail for filming porn, as it goes against "good customs" and family) and human genetic engineering (The law is written in such an imprecise language than creating Human Recombinant Insulin could lead me to jail), while our president befriends murderers, genocides, golpistas (coup makers, like Gambia's president Yahya Jammeh), and tyrants and replicas of the sword of Bolívar, The Liberator."

El artículo completo está muy bien escrito y lo pueden encontrar en: Boing-Boing

Por amor de Dios.... Me encanta el desarrollo democrático instituido por el macaco, llamado de presidente venezolano con "p" pequeña porque no merece más! Es que son este tipo de medidas que van a solucionar los problemas graves del pueblo.. claro! como no se me había ocurrido antes??? si, la anulación de los vídeo juegos, claramente mejorará los servicios de salud, ayudará a erradicar el hambre y sobretodo hará con que las miles de armas que el proprio macaco distribuyó en los cerros desaparezcan milagrosamente! Nunca más me dará miedo salir a la calle después del banir total de la Nintendo DS FOREVER!!! YUPIII! ....... UGH!!!!!!!!

Me encanta la democracia Venezolana.. ya lo había dicho antes?

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