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Tuesday, December 15


I've always believed that things that you create with passion are the best things you can offer to someone you love. Obviously, not all of us are creative or gifted in the arts department, but it is my personal believe that when it comes to falling in love we all turn artistic and try to find different and original ways to show those said feelings.
Now, if you take that very known truth, that we all have a little bit of a Patrick Verona or Lloyd Dobler inside trying to get out whenever love knocks at our door, and mixed it up with a professional graphic designer type, this is what you get.

Abduzeedo has this great article about Guy Shield's creative marriage proposal. Go and see the article, it's so inspiring...
"Epiphanies, for the most part, are pretty wonderful things. It was just over a year ago, eating a bowl of Moules Et Frites (Mussels with Fries), on holiday in Paris with my girlfriend Liz, that I realised I could quite easily spend the rest of my life with her. Whether it was the haze of the beer buzz, or simply the wind-down from exploring one of the most beautiful cities I've ever been in, one thing was for certain – I was feeling pretty set. I just needed the right way of asking the question, and a bit of time to work it all out. One definite intention was proposing through illustration. I'd like to think of it as two of my favourite things in life in coming together for the one goal."
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|Via abduzeedo.|

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