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Monday, December 21

F*ck You I won't do what you tell me!!

This weekend 'Killing in the name of' by glorious 90's band Rage Against the Machine made it to the first place in the UK music charts. Winning a position that traditionally, in this time of 'joy' that is Christmas, it has been won by pop musicians. 

It all started with an online/facebook campaign that asked the fans to made 'Killing in the name of' the number one song in the charts for Christmas... and it happened!

Obviously, since this song means so much to my dear friend Guiduxa and me, this is a moment of pure bliss, it feels like redemption to see a song that has been so close to our hearts been pushed back into the limelight...

Yet, it also feels a little bit like a bittersweet victory. Yes I'm happy the song made its way trough a sea of pop music, but I get a little sad thinking that I don't know if it is 'rage against the machine within' or 'rage against the machine giving in'.... I hope it is the first one.

P.S.: Guida, agora quando nos estivermos a curtir a nossa musica, os putos vão saber pq! porque é the coolest! :)

 |The video is a RATM interview for the BBC, 
  see what happens at the end... :) 
 What where you expecting? this is RATM we are talking about!| 

Go read this good article about the reactions to the win: HERE

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