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Monday, December 21

This, was like hot chocolate for my heart

Happy Holidayz from Me, Jason Mraz & The Voices of Prayze. We we wish you a very, Merry Christmas, Peace on Earth in this bright New Decade, and Equality for All. We encourage you to give generously this season and to not let money determine the value of the gift nor the ways of your gifting. Giving thanks to those who've contributed the most to your life is a superb gift. But the best gift yet is to offer or ask for forgiveness wherever you see it needed in your family or community. This is real "presence." That is real love. And may all your dreams come true.
In Joy, Jason Mraz & The Voices of Prayze
 (oh man, I love the video)

Happy Holidayz from Jason Mraz & The Voices of Prayze from Jason Mraz on Vimeo.

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